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Top five Swiss Christmas Destinations


Whether you’re planning to visit Switzerland during Christmas time or you just want to discover the best winter destinations, you are in the right place! Switzerland, being famous for its splendid green nature, breathtaking alpine landscapes and sparkly lakes, does not fail to impress the visitors during wintertime.

As winter slowly approaches and the air becomes cooler, the Swiss mountains and valleys wear a charming white dress spreading a dreamy aura all over the country. The lovers of the festive season are guaranteed to enjoy their time here in Switzerland, as it offers tons of activities for any type of interests or preferences. We have carefully chosen and listed the top five Christmas destinations in Switzerland to satisfy your traveler needs.


Zermatt is one of the many beloved ski resorts in Switzerland. Even though this car-free town is small, it is still in high demand between the skiers and snowboarders all around the world. Grab some hot drinks, inhale the fresh mountain air and enjoy the scenery!


The compact town boasts one of the worlds’ oldest and most beautiful libraries – The baroque-style Abbey Library. Colorfully painted oriel windows add more contrast to the town, especially when it is covered in snow, turning it into another must-see Swiss winter attraction.


The Jungfrau region is a desirable winter holiday destination, which consists of the popular resort towns of Wengen, Muerren and Lauterbrunnen. This region is a real alpine paradise for leisure activities as well as winter sports enthusiasts. If you are a non-skier, then no worries! There are many footpaths available for exploring the area on foot and taking some memorable pictures of the mountain peaks.


St. Moritz differs from any other typical town in the Alps – it is very unique. It is an exclusive place, where many famous people choose to spend the Christmas and holiday season. Alongside the winter sports activities, expensive restaurants and glamorous shops, you can also find lots of bars and pubs to sit in and relax. St. Moritz is the perfect place for the lovers of nightlife!

5. Bern

The city of Bern, being a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site, is definitely among the best places to visit in Switzerland in winter. During Christmas time, tons of colourful lights decorate the streets and trees, turning the city into a very photogenic wonderland. The untouched snow covers the rooftops of multiple houses. The Christmas markets (open from late November to January) sell many Swiss delicacies and unique souvenirs. You can really feel the festive mood in here!

Switzerland is a lovely place at any time of the year. However, it becomes even more romantic and dreamy during winters, offering a wide range of Swiss vacationing options. We hope you feel inspired after reading this article about the winter holidays in Switzerland!

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