City Tour and Excursion

Switzerland-tour likewise AlpTransfer, is another branch of ARATOURS - a specialist in tour and travel services. Our Company offers many options.

Beginning from organizing wide range of city tours and excursions, activities, and vacation packages or business trips, to the best places to visit in Alps.

Are you staying in Switzerland for the first time? Would you like to reveal the beauty and every hidden corner of your visited place? No need to worry! Our experienced team is at your disposal in order to offer, organize, as well as, operate the best daily trips and tours in Alps in your preferred languages to discover this amazing country.

The friendly team is always glad to assist you in choosing your way into the Alps and the fairy-tale-like country of Switzerland. Other than having a bite of Swiss chocolate and cheese, there will be many options in your to-do list. Such as taking a stroll near the famous Swiss lakes, going on a romantic boat trip with your significant other or enjoying a relaxing panoramic ride through the Alpine scenery.

We provide city tours in all the famous tourist destinations. Most city tours are historical tours by foot that unveil the popular landmarks with an expert guide. By choosing a city tour, you will have the great opportunity to learn about the cultural life of a certain place. Most travellers are eager to know more about where they are staying. You will visit historical old towns, churches, castles. By the help of these walking tours, you can also learn what to do in that exact city from a local’s point of view. If you have free time during your stay, be sure to book one of our interesting daily trips to your desired destination throughout Switzerland and neighbouring countries.

Would you like to spend your relaxing vacation in Switzerland? Then booking one of our tour packages will be the right decision! Package tours unite a variety of services together, that make a so-called combined trip. Usually these tour packages include such things as transport services, accommodation and meals. Spend seven or even more days by discovering new destinations every time and simply relaxing in this stress-free country.

By choosing cars excursion, AlpTransfer’s Team will do its best to arrange your private transfer at high level. You will spend a memorable day visiting the places you want and ending your journey in the initial meeting point. Our team also guarantees the provision of a tour guide or group leader.

Here is the list of services that Switzerland Tour offers:

  • Individual and small group tours, tailor-made programs based on their preferences and tastes
  • City tours, daily trips, and thematic excursions for every type of traveler within Switzerland and neighbouring countries
  • Services of proficient tour guides in your desired language
  • Reservation of Hotels, Chalets, Apartments