Renault Traffic

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Switzerland is a famous and favorite tourist destination thanks to its delicious chocolate and cheese, unique bank systems, luxurious watches and clocks, the greatest mountain range in Europe as well as its non-interference policy. Despite being a not-so-large country, it keeps attracting more and more travelers with each year.

Whenever you decide to visit Switzerland, make sure to turn to us, and we will provide high quality transfer services. Be it a quick airport city transfer, or door-to-door transfer to your booked resort, we will make your stay in Switzerland even more pleasant.

Our company is specialized in providing private transfers from Zurich and Geneva to any desired destination throughout Switzerland. For big families or group of friends, AlpTransfer’s team offers Renault Traffic – a powerful, clever and dynamic vehicle to suit your specific needs.

The Renault Traffic is a light commercial minivan, which is being produced by the French automaker Renault since 1981. The origin of its name is coming from the French word for "trade" or "traffic".

The Traffic resulted from a joint project between German Opel, Japanese Nissan and French Renault. Designed by Renault’s design department in Paris and developed by the skilled engineering team, it is considered European market’s number one light commercial van.

The Traffic is equipped with eight adjustable passenger seats, which turn the vehicle into an ultimate way to carry the clients around. The Traffic generally rides very smoothly, is comfortable to sit in and relax. The wide windows are just perfect for enjoying the view outside, especially if you are travelling in nature or across the Swiss Alps.

Renault Traffic has been redesigned to adjust to your needs more than ever before. It may not have the visual gorgeous look of its segment. However, in every other respect it surely has significant improvements.

The refined interior quality and the safety features are now more than a match for most rivals. Besides, a series of high-leveled features turn the Traffic into a brilliant vehicle for any type of transfers.

Being upgraded to deliver clever storage solutions, Traffic now has a more practical loading area. The cargo can carry eight small and eight medium sized bags.

As standard, the Renault Traffic comes with well-constructed safety specifications. These include the following:

  • Grip Xtend allows the vehicle to regain traction on uneven ground such as sand, mud or snow. Traction control normally prevents the wheels from spinning the moment is detects slipping and often reduces power too.
  • The Trailer Stability Assist function detects and corrects trailer swing. It is designed to control individual wheel slip to correct potential trailer swing before there is an accident.

Traffic is not only perfect for transporting families, but also great for mixing business with pleasure by travelling with coworkers to an important meeting.

By booking an airport taxi transfer by Renault Traffic, you will ensure your secure and comfortable ride throughout the cantons of Switzerland or to the neighboring regions of France, Italy, Germany and Austria. We will make sure to justify all of your expectations!

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