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    AlpTransfer has the honor to drive around the most cherished customers with contemporary Tesla Model S. The brand-new representative of your private service is also the fastest production car ever. All-wheel-drive, ability to develop speed within seconds, thus Tesla, American automotive and energy company, speaks directly to its quality. A modern and individual approach to each model enables this green and environment-friendly sportscar to satisfy even the most demanding customer. There are some key assets that prove Tesla’s superiority and make your private transfer, chauffeur service and private trip with AlpTransfer a memorable and enjoyable one. Since Tesla hit the market in 2012, it has been producing a steadily improved line of ergonomic characteristics, which we gladly introduce to you below:

    • High Impact Protection
    The flawless design of this vehicle makes it the best in sedan world. Front cameras and radars prevent from wreckage and adjust automatically the speed while highway driving if needed. The autopilot system is considerably comprehensive now compared to old models. This navigation feature enables the driver to bypass slower traffic, make lane changes on the highway and even find the appropriate exit.

    • Speedy performance
    You will be surely surprised to know how much this car can speed up your transfer. Up to 60 mph in 2.4 seconds! It can reach the acceleration of 163 mph, so you do not need to worry about being late. AlpTransfer chooses the best pick-up time and makes changes upon request, however, with Tesla S, worries are completely in vain. With the new suspension, Tesla now has even more control to change the car’s behavior as per customer needs.

    • Smart and future-driven design
    Overall, the interior is a heavenly place to be. You have a control dashboard with a lot of more managing options and real, in-time feel with the driver. While keeping it simple, Tesla S Model’s smart shape takes care of passenger safety, which is the highest priority for us.

    • No fuel policy
    No CO2 emissions, gas leak and vapors, and no hazards associated with fuels. Charging the car at station lasts you longer than in any other vehicle. If you are worried about battery degradation, its battery packs do serve you years and can hold up long due to high quality. There is no buzzing or clanking noise while starting the engine, your ride will be quiet and smooth with us. Our experience of interacting with Tesla, fuel savings, is beyond promising.

    What’s owing a Tesla Model S like? AlpTransfer Team has got the answer. Order your private transfer, disposal or chauffeur service, private trip or excursion with the most advanced technology car in the market now. Our Operations Team is online around-the-clock to offer quotations and forward you the reservation voucher of your to-be-confirmed private experience. You can also check the price here for the cheapest and most affordable destination. We promise you a worthwhile transfer in Switzerland and its neighboring regions with free Wi-Fi and water on board. Let us offer you the pleasure of both premium and ecological vehicle with competitive rates. You will be lucky to set off with Tesla S, so hurry up, to get these wheels rolling!